BLKFLANL is a hiphop group consisting of Barrel Maker (MC) and Conductor Williams (Producer) With a unique approach to their creative process and a high energy live show, BLKFLANL has it’s sight set on one thing: culture building. The duo joined forces to bridge the gaps between raw, soulful sounds and high level lyricism; connecting with listeners through strong melodies and thought-provoking content. BLKFLANL strives to create high level art and have impact that reaches far beyond any venue or IPod- once again, it’s all about culture building. Drawing influence from everyday life and artists such as Madlib and Nas, BLKFLANL takes a less-is-more approach when creating their music. No flash, no gimmicks, no viral dances. Simply honest, raw hiphop.


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KC Live and Local

March 30th, 2016

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